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Pinewood Derby Workshop tonight – 1/11/19

Lions, Tigers and Wolves please arrive by 6:30pm
Bears, Webelo 1 & 2 please arrive by 7:30pm

You will need to bring your Pinewood Derby kit with you, that was given out at the holiday party.If you did not receive it, we have your kit, please see me to get your kit.
For tonight, when you arrive, first come to the table with the drill presses where the axles (the 4 screws in the kit) will be polished. We will take your axles and put them in a zip lock bag and label it, we will work on them throughout the night.
You will then go over to the tables with the templates for the car outlines and you will select the design for your car, you will cut out the design and glue it to the side of the wooden block, please be aware of where the axle notches are on the bottom and where you want the wheels positioned on the block, the bottom is also stamped.  We can only use the blocks that have been stamped.
Once you have the block with the template glued in the proper place, please go to the band saw tables, there will be two band saws, we will need one orderly line, especially with all of the power tools.
After you have your car cut, you can sit at one of the sanding tables and take sand paper and sand your car bodies.
Once you sand your car and you have come back to collect your axles, you can leave the workshop.
The next parts are to be done at home and include putting weight on the vehicle to be as close to 5 ounces as possible (Very Important!) and painting the vehicle, if you like. You can only use graphite for the wheels and axles, no oil or liquid lubricants are allowed.
Safety is the most important part of tonight, and due to all of the power tools, there is no running or games allowed tonight.  Once you have finished your car, you may leave the workshop.
I hope everyone has a safe and fun night at the workshop and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Jason Flanders

Cub Scout Pinewood derby car workshop this Friday, 1/11/19

This Friday, 1/11/19, will be the Pinewood Derby workshop where we will work on pinewood derby cars.  We will have power tools and equipment in the Gym which will require all scouts to listen to instructions.  There will be no running around in the gym to maintain a safer environment.
The times will be as follows:

  • Lions, Tigers & Wolves – Start arriving at 6:30pm
  • Bears, Webelos 1 & 2 – Start arriving at 7:30pm

When the scout finishes his car design and the axles are polished and ready, they can leave.  The workshop will include the cutting of the wood block to the template that the scout requests, the polishing of the axles for the wheels and we will provide sandpaper for the scout to sand their car.
The workshop will be ending by 9pm.
You will need to bring your pinewood derby kit that you received at the holiday party.  If you did not receive your kit at the holiday, we will have your kit available when you arrive.
You must use the kit that we gave you as they have been stamped to show that they are a BSA kit.  Do not paint the bottom of your cars.  No oil can be used, only graphite can be used for the wheels.
In addition, here are some other items coming up:

  • Movie night will be on 1/18/19 and is a fundraiser for the Pack
  • Klondike Derby event is on 2/2/19, we will have our workshop for that on 1/25/19.
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